Ministries available through Wellsprings of Freedom International

Orientation Classes

Before you are scheduled for a freedom session, we ask that you attend this two-hour class to help you better understand inner healing and freedom ministry. There are many preconceived ideas that surround freedom ministry and we want to eliminate the myths and misinformation that may be causing you concern. This class will answer many of your questions and help you decide if freedom ministry is the right choice for you. For details on our next scheduled class, please call the Wellsprings office at (309) 788-8100 or e-mail us at brittany@wellspringsoffreedom.net.

Individual Freedom Sessions

Freedom sessions are the core of our ministry. This is where the healing takes place. Our sessions are typically three hours in length with a team of compassionate people who are trained to help you find freedom and inner healing. Each session will be kept in strict confidence.

Physical Healing Prayer Sessions

For those struggling with physical needs, we offer one-hour healing prayer sessions during the week. Testimonies abound from those who have received miraculous healing. Please call the ministry office at (309) 788-8100 to schedule an appointment.

Discipleship Website (“Splashes From Wellsprings”)

Once a person is set free, we want to help them walk in continued freedom. SplashesfromWellsprings.com is a website we have created to provide ongoing care both before and after your freedom sessions. It has hundreds of articles and answers to frequently asked questions regarding inner-healing and freedom. In addition, there are testimonies from other people to encourage you and recommended reading lists for further study. The website is updated weekly with new articles to help you maintain your freedom.

Training Opportunities

Wellsprings of Freedom International offers a variety of training formats in order to meet your individual needs. Our goal is to train and equip individuals, churches, and groups how to do inner healing and freedom ministry in a kind and gentle manner. Our experienced teachers have led training classes around the world. For more information, please contact our Wellsprings office at office@wellspringsoffreedom.net or (309) 788-8100.