Many people have found freedom from spiritual bondage and healing from emotional wounds through freedom sessions at Wellsprings of Freedom. People just like you!

“After going to several sessions I found complete freedom! The team I was with, that prayed over me, with God’s help and anointing, helped me see all of the baggage I was carrying from when I was a little girl until that point. It was all released and given to God and laid at Jesus’ feet. I look at things through God’s eyes now. It isn’t about me. It is about Jesus and what He did for me. I totally feel free! It’s great to be me!!!” – M.

“I finally have the peace I’ve been searching for. I have freedom from previous wounds and the past sins in my life.” – C.G.

“I feel so free and I know I am no longer in bondage to the old way of thinking. Taking every thought captive has a whole new meaning!”

“I have been released from the repeated cloud of anger, rage, revenge, abandonment, pain, shame, guilt, sorrow and condemnation. He has restored peace and joy!”

“The Wellsprings training class has changed my life 100%! It has opened my eyes up to what they needed and were meant to see. I will continue to learn and live my life the way that God intended us to! I can’t thank you all enough!” – K.M.

“I used to have a very negative outlook. I spoke and believed that I was unlovable. After my sessions, I now have a more positive outlook. I have hope and peace. I am learning that I am lovable and I have purpose.” – V.S.

“What a joy to experience such unity through the Holy Spirit! Thank you for your gentle spirit and for walking in obedience to the Lord so we could all have an opportunity to use our gifts and so many could find deeper freedom in Jesus.” – T.I.

“Words cannot describe the joy overflowing in my heart when I see our people (our brothers and sisters) at church walking with total freedom and peace like they have never before experienced! Even today, I have spoken with several of them and the newness of life they experienced through your deliverance ministry and God’s great power remains! Wellsprings, by their, faithfulness has brought to us a wave of God’s grace, mercy, and revival, and we are basking in God’s Holy presence!” – D.M.

“You’ve helped me a lot! Thank you.” – 9 yr. old

“I am not scared anymore. I am a Princess.” – A young child

“Wow…where do I start? One of our children began acting strangely around age 13, appearing to manifest some OCD-like symptoms. By junior year, this child had gone from a confident, outgoing, people-loving, excellent student to one who was isolated, bound up in fear and unable to finish homework or tests, and who was also on the verge of anorexia. After going the medical/medication, neurological, psychological and standard church counseling routes with little to no helpful effect, we found the greatest help and deliverance thru the ministry of Wellsprings. Without knowing the things this child was doing, the Holy Spirit revealed them all to the Wellsprings ministry team-spot on! While at first things got worse, (kind of like what happens when a hornet’s nest gets stirred up) through additional freedom sessions and the support of the Wellsprings team, our child found freedom and hope. Between the four freedom sessions and re-training the mind to reject and take captive the lies of the enemy, this same child has been totally restored mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. This child went from losing a job because of their inability to stay focused, to being considered an unusually exemplary employee at the job following their deliverance. Our child went from failing grades and incompletes, to not getting anything below an A during their senior year and scoring the highest of all our kids on the ACT test. This child went from avoiding people, to one who initiates and freely “loves on” people with an infectious joy. I can’t thank and praise God enough for His amazing power and grace and his servants at Wellsprings. Truly, spiritual warfare is very real and there is very real help available. Jesus makes it possible. May He be forever praised!” – S.P.

“I was healed of an ‘unwanted at birth’ wound in my relationship with my father. But since my session, I have seen a complete healing and restoration with my father! The relationship that gave me the most rejection, criticism and pain in my entire life is now totally restored! I have moved into his home and live with him in complete love and peace.” – C.P.

“How grateful we are for you and the ministry of Wellsprings!! Last night, we were talking about how encouraging and uplifting everyone was and how we missed all of you already! Thank you for taking the time to mentor us through the freedom session in our home. Thank you for preaching the Truth Sunday morning. Thank you – Thank you – Thank you!!!” – M.E.

“The session allowed me to go back and address the demons that were still injecting the hooks into my life today. I was able to forgive people and myself for the sins I had committed. The ‘Freedon’ to know that those issues are finally dealt with gives me such peace and loving acceptance into the arms of our Abba Father, Lord Jesus Christ, and Comforter, Holy Spirit.” – R.C.

“I want to thank you and the team again for ministering to me last night. I slept very well last night. Today my burdens felt lifted! I don’t remember a single defeating thought that came into my mind today. I plan to write out all the scriptures given to me last night on index cards and put them around my home and in my car as reminders. Thank you for the work you are doing. Today I wear a new garment of praise without dangling threads. Praise the Lord!”

“Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience this morning was for my teenage daughter. She is a changed young woman! She came home and instead of retreating to her room like normal, she stayed out with the family and hung out with her brother & sister. Then when she did go to her room it was for a nap! She never takes naps unless she’s sick! But she came out and has not gone back to her room yet. I’m amazed at how God works and heals. Thank you so much for today. As a mom, I can’t express how much this means to me! Praise Him Who Reigns!!

“My life FINALLY makes sense! Not only was I being tormented by demons but to finally get some answers to my discernment gift. I spent years of my life thinking I was crazy, not to mention I was raised by parents who didn’t believe in spiritual warfare, so I had NO one to turn to. All these years God has been molding me into the person I needed to be and to accept the gifts He has given me. I find it no mistake that I was led to Wellsprings.”

“I was delivered of spirits that contributed to my overeating. I have since lost 50 pounds. I had been diagnosed a diabetic the month before and am completely diet and exercise controlled. No medication necessary.”

“Praise God! I thank him for you and your wonderful ministry. I had been bound for so many years by the effects of abandonment and abuse. God has delivered me from all of that. I have opened up to recieve His love, His mercy, and His forgiveness. I am spiritually, emotionally, and physically pure. I finally live free. All of my christian life I had considered my life devoted to God, but with these chains of abandonment and abuse broken, I have a new devotion and commtment to Christ. I’m holding nothing back and I feel God moving in my heart like never before.”

“About 5 years ago after moving into a new home, my son changed. At age 2 1/2, he began to have terrible nightmares. It then worsened into hysterical crying and walking in his sleep every night. The worst came when he began to have visions of men in our house at night. They began to tell him that his mother hated him. Then God intervened through a friend who told me about a deliverance ministry in the QCA. Willing to try anything, I made an appointment with Tim Howard. First, my son and I were born again, which was the most amazing experience of my life. Then, Jesus was able to release all the evil spirits that had a hold of my son. Now, many months later, my son has been nightmare free. No more visions of men in our home, and he is sleeping through the night. I have a whole new life in front of me. Not only was my son set free from a life of torture, Jesus saved us both for all eternity!”

“I will always remember you and thank God for the blessing your freedom team has been in my life. My life has changed! I am studying the Bible everyday with pleasure, and my relationship with the Father has been restored!! I am very happy now. Thank you for praying over me.”