It’s what we spend on our four refreshing Grande pink drinks from Starbucks per month. It’s the cost of those two delicious Chick-fil-a chicken sandwich meals you ate for lunch this month. You pick your weekly splurge. Maybe it’s books or music or Netflix. No judgment here. Just saying, they all cost $20 (give or take) a month.

Twenty dollars a month donated to Wellsprings of Freedom International can also help us.
It provides the opportunity for a client to release life-long anger and hatred towards herself for choices made in her past. Now she helps lead others who walked through similar pasts to find freedom in Christ and remind them of the truth, “There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

It allows for a pastor to read about this ministry and have hope that not only can he heal from his hurt, but others, too, can find restoration. He now regularly shares about his freedom experience and has a thriving Wellsprings Network team in his church where hundreds of people find hope, healing, and freedom in Jesus. 

It empowers a leader who volunteers many hours to developing and establishing a powerful Wellsprings Network team. As she is coached, mentored, and finds the tools she needs, she is able to guide this team well as they exhibit gentle authority in ministering to broken clients the Lord brings their way. 

Every twenty dollars a month matters and makes an impact. We have limited overhead expenses, and the majority of our financial provision goes into what is most important – people. Twenty dollars a month helps people in places all around the world find freedom in Christ. 

Perhaps $20 is a lot of money from your tight budget or maybe you have more to give. What you can rest assured is that every donation you make is creating impact for Christ – changing lives and offering opportunities to a broken and hurting world. Join us to hear just how you can make every $20 count and how your investment is and will make a difference.


  • I plan to attend this free event! I don't want to miss this great evening!


  • I'd love to support the mission of WFI moving forward with my radical generosity!