On September 22, 2022 we had our Fundraising Gathering, where we joined together from across the Wellsprings Network to celebrate stories of transformed lives and share how we are passionately pursuing our passion to see people reached with the truth that they can be freed in Christ.  If you were not able to attend, we invite you to watch the video of this incredible event! 


  • I'd love to support the mission of WFI moving forward with my radical generosity!

Celebrating the already and passionately pursuing the ‘not yet’. 

In the powerful, box-shattering passage in Matthew 6, Jesus instructs His disciples how to pray when He says, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” (v. 10).   These are not simple words to a rote prayer; this is prayer is transformative.  It is life-changing.  For the disciples and many of us, this prayer is completely upside down from the values we once had.  Just the fact that the God of the Universe should value humanity enough to not just give us a heavenly home, but call us to work towards bringing heavenly home values here to earth.  Incredible!   

 As children of God, our identity is “citizen of heaven” and that means that we are called to live out our heavenly values even on earth today.  As a ministry, we are carrying out those values in Kingdom ministry, and we celebrate the earthly freedom clients experience on an everyday basis.  But we are not done yet!  We joyfully celebrate the already, but we are passionately pursuing the ‘not yet’.  The many who are still bound and not free in Christ.  The follower of Christ who has been sidelined into believing their life doesn’t matter.  The person who the evil one has convinced cannot be forgiven or free from the choices they made.  Your Kingdom come, O Lord, flow through us…