The Wellsprings of Freedom Indiana Regional Training Hub in Marion, IN works to fulfill WFI’s two-fold mission in the state of Indiana.

This is accomplished in a couple of ways:

1) Freedom Sessions

The Wellsprings of Freedom Indiana Regional Training Hub’s primary focus is teaching others to set God’s people free, but our facility in Marion, IN is equipped to hold occasional freedom sessions for missionaries, pastors, and others seeking deeper freedom in Christ.

2) Training & Equipping

The primary purpose of the Indiana Regional Training Hub is to train and equip churches and ministries throughout the state of Indiana with our unique model of ministry, and then be a continuing resource to those newly equipped network locations.

The facility in Marion, IN provides administrative space, as well as a meeting place for pastors, ministry leaders, and network ministry leaders to come and be further mentored and equipped on a regular basis.  

If your church or ministry is located in Indiana and you are interested in starting a Wellsprings Network location, or have other questions, please see the Indiana Regional Training Hub contact information at the bottom of this page.  We’d love to hear from you!