Online Training Class

This world is hurting, broken, wounded.

People are fearful, anxious, confused, disengaged.

What we so desperately long for is hope.  Wellsprings of Freedom International at its very core exists to offer freedom to a broken world.  We exist for such a time as this.

How do you engage the world around you?  How to do you offer authentic hope and deep levels of healing in Christ?  As followers of Christ, the Holy Spirit has equipped us to serve people with the same gentle authority as the early disciples.  We can stand firm against the attacks of the evil one. We can be free from the lies he whispers into our minds, hearts and emotions.  We can be radically healed in the name of Jesus.





This November, we invite you to join us for this unique online training opportunity designed to prepare you to be able to minister deep levels of healing and freedom in Christ right where you’ve been planted.  You may be at home, but you can still reach out to others.  You may feel like you’ve lost your purpose, but you can choose today to rediscover your mission.

Join in on this training individually or even better yet, invite four or five others from your church to learn alongside of you as a team.  By the end of the class, you will be equipped, tooled, and empowered to start offering prayer-based freedom sessions to the broken world around you.

We ask that participants attend each class period, complete required reading and homework assignments, and most of all, come with a humble heart, prepared to learn and be challenged.

Please note for those who have attended our Equipped Training Conferences or other training venues, this class will be information you have already received.  You are welcome to go through it again as a refresher, but the content will be the same.