Collision: Kingdoms in Conflict – CHURCH License


This is a downloadable, CHURCH OR GROUP LICENSE, of Collision: Kingdoms in Conflict. The download is good for 180 days, unlimited downloads.  

As a believer in Christ, have you ever wondered about the topic of spiritual warfare?  Perhaps you read about it in scripture, heard about it at church, or maybe you have experienced the realities of it first-hand.  Wherever you stand, this four-week Bible Study is for you!

With over 20 years of experience in the field, authors Tim Howard and David Kelly take a sound Biblical approach to addressing the topic of spiritual warfare, with a special emphasis on how it affects you personally.

This study is perfect for small groups or classes that want to go deeper with their understanding of spiritual warfare and who want to be empowered to defeat the enemy in their lives.  Drawing on personal stories and examples, the authors help groups to discuss these profound and impactful topics in an empowering way.



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