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Are you Equipped for Spiritual Battle? As our culture slowly entangles itself more and more in the dark side of the spirit realm, many Christians within our churches are seeking answers to questions they have never considered asking before. Pastors and lay people alike find themselves in the awkward position of wanting to learn more about spiritual warfare, yet being afraid of looking foolish for asking. In our secular, science-driven society, it seems that there is little patience for biblical teaching on the idea of an unseen spiritual realm. Having over twenty-five years of combined experience in spiritual warfare, the authors have written a practical guide to equip the church in how to do inner-healing and freedom ministry in a gentle, yet powerful way. It is a team concept that is easily reproducible and proven to be successful in a variety of denomination, countries, and cultural contexts. In this book you will learn:

  • Why we need this ministry in the local church
  • A biblical defense for practicing freedom ministry
  • A practical guide for how to do successful freedom ministry
  • How to establish this ministry in your church
  • The spiritual gifts necessary for doing freedom ministry
  • The importance of inner-healing toward long-term freedom
  • How to walk in your new found freedom



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