"Unhindered" - Know Your Enemy

Checkmate! Like in the strategic game of chess, in order to win the spiritual battle in our lives, we fight more effectively when we know our Enemy, Satan. His various names in the Bible help us understand how he operates. When we know how he works, his schemes and tactics, his usual plans of attack, we are able to more quickly defeat his strategies. Join us as we step into Scripture and analyze the ways Satan wars against the children of God so that we can render Him powerless and ineffective in our lives.


"Unhindered" - Protecting Your Home From Demonic Influence - Oct. 22, 2020

This On-Demand video (just over one hour long) is a recording of the live “Unhindered” seminar that took place online on October 22, 2020.  The topic was “Protecting Your Home From Demonic Influence.” With experience both in the United States and overseas on the subject, Pastor Brian Burke taught practical and effective tools for praying spiritual warfare prayers over your home and family.

"Unhindered" - Breaking the Power of Bitterness & Unforgiveness - Jan. 21, 2021

This On-Demand video (84 min.) is a recording of the live “Unhindered” seminar that took place online on January 21, 2021.  The topic was “Breaking the Power of Bitterness & Unforgiveness.” Pastor David & Maria Kelly shared their powerful story of suffering, miraculous redemption, and practical steps on breaking the power of bitterness & forgiveness.