Training Classes

Online Training OR Local Church Unite (in-person training)

Invite a Team

Serve on a Network Team

Empowering the Body

All of our training and resources are strategically planned with the end goal of empowering the local church in freedom and inner-healing ministry.

affordable accessibility

Whenever possible, our training conferences and events are hosted in locations where people are asking for us to come. We keep our fees as low as possible and our coaching engaging.

Practical Equipping

Our training options all aim to equip and empower the teams we serve. When a team completes our training, it is our hope that they are prepared to launch a freedom team in their location.

focused on mission

We keep a laser focus on the missions of inner-healing and deliverance ministry. This determined cause allows us to be Kingdom-minded, working across denominational lines for the purpose of offering freedom to a broken world.


The Wellsprings of Freedom International model of ministry is team-based.  We encourage you to come in teams (of at least 4 people) so that as you receive our practical training, you will walk away with everything you need to launch a ministry team in your local church or community.

We would encourage you to invite those around you who are mature believers, exhibit Christ-like character, and who demonstrate the gifts necessary to be part of a WFI team (discernment, intercession, faith, healing, etc.).  This ministry is not for everyone, and some may need to experience their own personal healing first before you consider them becoming a part of your team.

WFI is a 501c3 non-profit that exists mostly because of the generosity of those who believe in our mission.  Because of these financial realities, we charge a small fee to sustain the rapid growth that is happening across our Network.  All the money we raise goes right back into the mission of establishing more Network locations and doing the ministry Christ has entrusted us with.  In fact, our staff members raise a good portion of their salaries in order to be employed with WFI.

Yes!  We love working with the leadership of local churches to make sure they feel comfortable with Wellsprings of Freedom International and have all their questions answered.  If you are considering coming to a conference or inviting a WFI to your location, the first step is to work with your church leadership to make sure they are supportive.

The best way to prepare for training of any sort is to read through “With Gentle Authority” by Tim Howard and Brian S. Burke.  This is our foundational manual for why we do what we do and how we do it.  The training will be greatly enhanced if you have laid the foundation by working through this book beforehand.  “With Gentle Authority” can be purchased on our website or in Kindle format through

You can expect the same high-quality training and experienced teachers!  Training conferences are offer more hours of practical training in a group of 75-100 people.  The accessibility and affordability of training conferences are the big draw. 

Local church trips still provide 2 days of practical training in addition to 6-8 freedom sessions depending on the size of team.   Local church mission trips offer a lot more relational investment in the life of your church – you just might have to wait longer than you would like.

Both are a great deal for all the hands-on ministry and coaching you will receive!

To get scheduled for us to come to your church, you need to contact us at and we will direct you to the appropriate contact.  Once that is in place, our trainers will walk you through the steps of how to prepare for that process, but please be aware that we book out 9-12 months in advance.  This is why training conferences are a good option as well!

Both local church mission trips and training conferences are organized and taught by our certified trainers.  These are men and women with solid experience in the Wellsprings methodology and who have had mentoring and coaching as to how to train WFI teams. 

Whether a local church mission trip or a training conference, the decision is yours as to the continued long-term partnership with WFI.  Most churches choose to become a part of our Wellsprings Network and as a result receive on-going coaching, mentoring, and resourcing as they establish and grow their team.

training stories

"We had WFI do a weekend training at our church...It was an incredible time together. We are a new church plant with real spiritual needs and at times, it is very overwhelming. The teaching brought us back to where our authority rests and by the end of our time, our people were renewed and given tools in their toolbox to stand their ground against the enemy. I highly recommend it for every church!"
Lead Pastor
"WFI Training has completely opened my eyes to see the unseen battle that is raging in our lives and given me the tools to stand firm. Through the training, I have seen how personal and loving God really is - and have seen how Satan has tried to hide that truth from me. Now I know He loves me and desires freedom for me."
Training Participant
"Thank you just doesn't seem strong enough to express what my heart is feeling after two days of training with WFI. But thank you - for coming, sharing, being so friendly and transparent. It was fun, meaningful, informative, and inspiring! Everything was so well-planned and well-executed. I was sorry when it was over!"
Training Participant
"Going through training and being a part of The Wellsprings Network has given me the support, encouragement, and training I needed to see this ministry launched and grow in our location. The on-going relationship and resourcing that WFI provides has been critical to the success of our team.
Network Leader