Wellsprings of Freedom International sends out teams to local churches and ministries to equip and empower you right in your own community.  The team will pray over your church or ministry, provide 15 hours of training, and lead some freedom sessions for those in your church.  The size of the team determines how many sessions our teams can lead.  Each freedom session is three hours.



  • Two certified trainers
  • Four team members offering one freedom session per time period



  • Two certified trainers
  • Eight team members offering two freedom sessions per time period

If your church so chooses, you can also bless others by becoming a “Local Church Unite” location. This allows other outside groups to join in on your training and for us as an organization to promote that upcoming event.  You still receive all the sessions and personalized coaching; outside groups just receive the training at a convenient location for them.

Please note that our local church trips often book up to a year in advance.  Once we have put you on the calendar a $500 non-refundable deposit is due to secure your time slot.  Local churches are responsible for hosting of our WFI team including housing, food, and transportation.