It is for freedom Christ has set us free. The apostle Paul writes this in Galatians 5:1 to believers living in that region, calling them to be free and unhindered from the things that had or were trying to keep them in bondage. What was true for the church in that day is certainly true for us today. The enemy of our souls, Satan, tempts us to go back to the things of our past or return to the slavery in which we once found ourselves. While we are called to be free, living into the great identity we have as followers of Christ, we often find ourselves hindered, bound, held back.

Wellsprings of Freedom International is a ministry of inner-healing and deliverance. We get how the enemy can trip us up and make us feel utterly defeated. But we also understand that we can be free and live an unhindered life for Christ. Part of that battle is knowing who the enemy is, how he works, and the authority you have as His child to overcome.

“Unhindered” are seminars we offer to the public to gain a deeper level of understanding and equipping to fight these spiritual battles in which we find ourselves.  They are practical, insightful, and encouraging teaching times that will leave you empowered in your relationship with Christ.  Our seminars are taught by experienced practitioners who have first-hand insights into spiritual conflict. 

Join us for our next 90-minute “Unhindered” on Thursday, October 22 from 6:30-8 PM CT (7:30-9 PM ET). With experience both in the United States and overseas on the subject, Pastor Brian Burke will teach you practical and effective tools about how to pray spiritual warfare prayers over your home and family.