Checkmate! Like in the strategic game of chess, in order to win the spiritual battle in our lives, we fight more effectively when we know our Enemy, Satan. His various names in the Bible help us understand how he operates. When we know how he works, his schemes and tactics, his usual plans of attack, we are able to more quickly defeat his strategies. Join us as we step into Scripture and analyze the ways Satan wars against the children of God so that we can render Him powerless and ineffective in our lives.

What is “Unhindered”?

“Unhindered” seminars are offered quarterly to the general public to gain a deeper level of understanding and equipping to fight the spiritual battles in which we find ourselves. They are practical, insightful, and encouraging teaching times that will leave you empowered in your relationship with Christ. These events also are one small stream of financial support that keeps the mission of WFI moving forward. Our seminars are taught by experienced practitioners who have first-hand insights into spiritual conflict.

How do I register?

Using the link located above the graphic, you can fill out the information and pay the fee. It’s simple! The cost for each seminar is $25 per person.

How long are the seminars?

These seminars are 90-minutes in length.

In what format are these seminars hosted?

We host these online “Unhindered” seminars using ZOOM. If you need assistance understanding how this works, we recommend checking out this simple video. For our purposes, we will be meeting in a webinar-like format so a camera or microphone is not needed.

What if I can’t participate live in the seminar?

Please note that if you cannot make the seminar live, you can still participate! Just register as you would normally for the seminar, and you will receive a time-limited link the day after to watch or listen at your convenience.

My church or group would like to watch this together. Is there a group rate?

We love that groups of people want to watch this live together! We do not offer a group rate at this time since we ask that each person register individually for the event as you would for a simulcast for other conferences. This provides us with an accurate picture of the people participating and allows us to send a link to each person in case he/she would like to re-watch or listen to the seminar later on his/her own.