The Wellsprings Network

Each week, more and more pastors and church leaders serving across the United States and missionaries serving internationally are contacting Wellsprings of Freedom International (WFI), wanting to learn more about our ministry. They are asking for our help in dealing with situations for which they lack the training.  In fact, the demand for churches wanting to be trained by Wellsprings of Freedom is so great that on average, we are now sending out one mission team-a-month to different churches across the United States or overseas!

What humbly began as a small band of faithful volunteers over sixteen years ago has now blossomed into a rapidly growing non-profit organization with over 400+ volunteers serving globally on a regular basis.  In addition to our Healing Center located in Rock Island, IL, Wellsprings of Freedom International has already trained another 30 plus ministry teams serving in cities such as:  Hamburg & Depew, NY; Frankford, DE; Holland, MI; Marion & Warsaw, IN; Kernersville, NC; Minooka & Princeton, IL; Wellman, IA; Bemidji, MN; Detroit, MI; and overseas locations such as Vladimir, Russia; Zambia, Africa; The Middle East.

And the number of teams being trained only continues to increase each year!  All of these teams are now part of The Wellsprings Network.  We are all united under a common mission of OFFERING FREEDOM TO A BROKEN WORLD.

Truly, a GLOBAL MOVEMENT of freedom ministry is emerging, and we feel privileged to be a part of it!  The Holy Spirit is continuing to open doors to places we would have never dreamed of going.  In just the last year alone, Wellsprings of Freedom International has sent out teams to Europe and the Middle East.  And new opportunities are coming our way each month!

We celebrate what God has done, what He is doing, and we look to the future with great anticipation!  To find out more about becoming part of The Wellsprings Network or being trained by us, email