“If a lot of people do a little, the load will be light.”

Our ministry teams at the Rock Island, IL Healing Center average around 600 freedom sessions a year.  Because we do not want finances to hinder anyone from receiving ministry sessions, we charge a very small fee for our services.  In fact, it is so small that we cannot support ourselves without the help of monthly partners.

Your contributions will help to ensure everyone in need of help will have the opportunity to receive it, both here at home, and throughout the world.  People from every culture are in bondage, and your gift will help us to train and equip pastors and prayer teams around the globe to effectively bring freedom to those caught up in spiritual bondage.

Almost all of our staff members are asked to raise their own salary for the first couple of years. At this time, Brittany Sievers, who is our new Director of Aftercare, is in the process of raising her own salary (If you would like to donate toward support for Brittany, please be sure to include “Brittany Support” in the Description line when making an online donation or in the memo line of your check).

Ways to contribute:

1. Mail to: Wellsprings of Freedom, 3900 18th Avenue, Rock Island, IL 61201

2. If you want to make a credit card donation, or an electronic fund transfer (EFT), please click on the donate button below: or contact Jamie at (309)788-8100.

For a recurring monthly donation:

If you would like your donation to be an ongoing monthly donation, after you have filled in the amount box, click on the “Continue” link at the bottom of the page, when the next page appears, click on the “Recurring Billing” box at the top right hand corner. Your monthly contribution will occur on the same date of each month for the amount of this transaction.