“Unhindered” seminars are offered to the public to gain a deeper level of understanding and equipping to fight these spiritual battles in which we find ourselves. They are practical, insightful, and encouraging teaching times that will leave you empowered in your relationship with Christ. Our seminars are taught by experienced practitioners who have first-hand insights into spiritual conflict.

Online Training Class

Join in on this unique online training individually, or even better yet,
invite four or five others from your church to learn alongside of you as a team.  By the end of the class, you will be equipped, tooled, and empowered to start offering prayer-based freedom sessions to the broken world around you.

Indiana Online Training Class

If you live in the State of Indiana, this opportunity is perfect for you! Our Indiana Online Training Class will equip you in inner-healing and spiritual warfare ministry. As you learn alongside others in neighboring communities, you will build a network of co-laborers serving in similar contexts.