About Us

Over the last fifteen years our freedom teams have ministered to well over 1500 people with amazing results.  Many who have come to us for help have received a level of peace like they have never known before.  People struggling with issues that have held them captive for years are finding new hope.  With the help of our trained prayer teams, specific and targeted prayers offered in gentleness and love are transforming lives.  Our teams are trained in spiritual warfare techniques that are releasing people from the bondage of fear, anxiety, depression, and hundreds of other paralyzing issues that keep us from reaching our true potential.

Our Healing Center is located in Rock Island, IL, where individual freedom sessions can be scheduled with one of our ministry teams.  In order to provide a better understanding of our ministry, we have regularly scheduled Orientation classes at our facility each month.

Inside our Healing Center, we have a prayer room that is available for those who are seeking alone time with God.  We invite you to come and just soak in the worship music of our “Refreshing Waters” prayer room or reserve your own private prayer room for a day.  More options and opportunities for the prayer room can be found by contacting the Wellsprings of Freedom office at office@wellspringsoffreedom.net.

Wellsprings of Freedom staff and instructors often travel to thoroughly train and equip new Wellsprings teams across the U.S. and around the world.  With teams already established in Russia, Mexico, Zambia, Africa, and the Middle East, we are prepared to help other churches and ministries provide freedom and inner healing to their local church congregation and surrounding community.