It’s our passion. Help people find freedom in Christ. Equip others to help people find freedom in Christ.

Inner-Healing + Spiritual Warfare Prayer = Long-Term Freedom in Christ

As today’s spiritual leaders, you seek to love and shepherd the people you serve. How do you empower those around you to stand in victory in the midst of the spiritual battles they face? We want to come alongside you on this journey and equip you with the tools you need to guide those around you.

Option 1

Prayerfully consider equipping a Wellsprings Network team in your local church.

We are all about multiplication on every level of our ministry. Why? Because Jesus wants His children free to love Him, others, and themselves as He intended.

As a leader in a local church, you can choose to have a team of people from your own church trained to give others in your community access to freedom sessions. It’s under your authority as a church, but we’ll also partner with you and walk beside you to develop, train, and coach the team.

Training the initial team? You have options there, too!

Attend a five-week online class or invite a WFI mission team to your church. 

Option 2

Encourage freedom sessions with one of our trained Wellsprings Network teams.

We know that you might have people you shepherd needing care now. Perhaps equipping a WFI Network team isn’t possible for you at this time. Good news! We have a Network of teams trained by WFI and committed to the same model of ministry across the country. A complete updated list is available on our website and will help you find a location close to where you live.


And Leaders, what about you?

We love and respect you. We know you are on the front lines of battle. Confidential freedom sessions are available.

Interested in learning more about how what WFI has to offer can benefit you? Download our “Training Portfolio” to see just how we equip and empower the churches and ministries we serve.”